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Building A Makerspace Near You

The SIRI Makerspace Task Force 


Many schools passionately want to construct and sustain their own makerspace, but it can seem like a formidable challenge. Securing funding, getting approval for the facility,  navigating liability, and implementing an effective curriculum that will make all of the effort worth while: these are not minor hurdles.  

At SIRI, our experienced staff of STEAM certified teachers is happy to ease that burden and help to transition your school to the Makerspace model. Our consultants will be happy to help train and certify your Makerspace supervisors. SIRI's team will ensure that that your Makerspace complies  with all national standards and local laws. Siri also markets premium makerspace curricula that guides each school step-by-step through the makerspace process.

The potential benefits of implementing a successful Makerspace are significant. Research tells us that early, regular exposure to technical projects likes robotics, 3d printers, and dynamic graphic design make it much more likely that a prospective high-school student would go on to continue in a career in science. As a result high-profile universities haver begun to fund makerspace initiatives as both a resource for their students and as a tool to increase science literacy writ large. Harvard’s Innovation Labs and Stanford’s Fablearn lab have lead the way in coming up with workable makerspace designs. In addition, Makerspaces are no longer simply confined to the academic environment. Increasingly, they can be found in many community centers, public libraries,  and private organizations around the country. 

We hope you'll consider having our NCSSS staff help you to develop an academic environment conducive to Makerspace and look forward to helping your students enter the makerspace community. 

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