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STEAM Certification:
Teachers and Schools

STEAM Teacher Certification:


In 2009, President Obama called for the United States to “train and recruit 100,000 effective STEM teachers in the coming decade.” In response, a variety of institutions have formed to provide vocational development for teachers and educational programs seeking to become certified STEAM schools and educators respectively. These programs instruct aspiring STEAM teachers on how to apply the findings of the latest research into integrated science pedagogy and blended, project-based learning.


Certification also allows prospective students and parents to be aware of which individuals and programs have put in the time and study necessary to competently administer a STEAM curriculum.


Look to the following links to learn more about specific routes to STEM and STEAM certification.


N.B. Some of the programs still use the outdated STEM

acronym, but provide instruction fully up-to-date with STEAM community standards.



Georgia Tech——

300 dollars, 1 month. possibility of group discounts. 30 teachers for 6,000.






NASA —- 6-9 months done through columbia u  Price: $5,495, includes 9-regionally accredited graduate credits.


Johns Hopkins:


STEAM School Certification


The core of the STEAM movement is to develop specialized schools in order to seed reforms in society. To ensure that STEAM schools are embracing real change (not empty slogans), many states require aspiring schools to apply for state certification.The remaining links are to programs that guide schools through the exacting process that is proven to boost student outcomes and applicant pools. 









                            As an example, here is a guide to the path to STEM certification in Georgia.










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