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Join An International STEAM Network 

SIRI's Partnership with NCSSS Independent Schools 

The chief advantage of choosing to implement your STEAM curriculum and certification strategy with Siri is access to our network of prominent secondary educational institutions both in the United States and throughout the Chinese mainland. SIRI works to establish important partnerships with the world's top universities and research institutes in order to better support the achievements of  an international network of STEAM students and teachers. At SIRI, we draw our STEAM instructors exclusively from the members of the National Consortium of Specialized STEM Schools (NCSSS).


The consortium has a  large membership including the Oklohoma School of Science and Mathematics and Rockdale Magnet School for Science and Technology. In short, we only work with teachers who have been steeped in the STEAM culture for years and have a proven track-record of being able to implement a school-wide STEAM system swiftly, effectively, and on budget.  


The institute exists to ensure that our STEAM approach is constantly adapting to go where the latest data and scholarly research points us. In order to achieve the best results, the schools affiliated with Siri and the GATE Network have a natural pool of talent that allows us to revise and iterate methodologies among the membership to consistently achieve transformative results. 


Our specialization allows us to reshape the course of a students creative development from the from an early age. STEAM pedagogy, particularly in primary education, is guided by thematic units rather than compartmentalized subjects and much of classroom time is given over to assisting students with supervised collaborative projects.  Time spent receiving information while seated is minimal, instead students are enjoined to learn by doing.  Combating these ingrained tendencies requires an immersive approach, the elimination of artificial barriers between the different fields of knowledge and making sure (especially in early, formative years) that teachers emphasize the relevance of math to any and all subjects the students find inspiring. Rather than relegate mathematics to isolated 45-minute segments, in STEAM schools math becomes a lingua franca in which all students feel increasingly at ease. 

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