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Current Programs for Students 

Joining America and China through the power of STEAM 

1)  NuVu Studio Summer Session


 For Chinese Students,  2 weeks   Dates: e x-y,  Location 


SIRI is proud to inaugurate its partnership with Nu Vu Studio this year and bring our first class of talented Chinese students to experience it’s groundbreaking educational environment. NuVu is a full-time innovation school that has allowed STEAM curricula to upend the structure of the traditional school.  Modeled on open collaborative architectural studios, NuVu instructs students how to navigate the messiness of the creative process, from inception to completion by prototyping and testing.  In place of traditional classes, Nuvu provides studios. A small class of pupils work with a few Coaches on solving complex, interdisciplinary problems. Subjects are not broken down into traditional academic subdivisions, instead students find themselves shuffling between a studio that asks them to design a telepresence robot to another that requires them to re-imagine Boston with a cable car system.


This year, on its Cambridge campus, over forty Chinese students will engage in a program specifically designed to spur creativity and prepare students for a technology driven future. Entitled "Human+++”, the course challenges students to learn to harness some of the planet’s most advanced technology and puzzle out how humans will have to adapt to a world defined by advanced artificial intelligence. The projects offered to students this session will include learning how to construct the robotic cars of the future, 3d printing, learning how to build hovercrafts, and mastering machine art. The program will also conclude with a course guiding students through the college admission process with a special emphasis on the needs of international students. 


Rockdale Summer Exchange Program 


For American Students,  June 17–29th, 2017


SIRI is delighted to facilitate a summer exchange program for one of the premier institutions of STEAM instruction in American secondary education, Rockdale Magnet School of Science and Technology. The American Student Summer Exchange Program in China is designed to allow American high-schools to expand their knowledge of Chinese culture and language by visiting the Chinese capital city of Beijing. In addition to cultural immersion, students will spend a week working with students in Chinese STEAM classes  laying the foundation for future collaboration on a STEAM project over the course of the following year. In addition, our students will have the opportunity to walk the Great Wall, enter the Forbidden City, and shop in Beijing. Students who want to practice their Chinese are encouraged to communicate in Mandarin with SIRI staff and while in class with their Chinese counterparts. 



SIRI OSSM Summer school 

The nationally acclaimed Oklahoma School of Science and Mathematics is a member of National Consortium for Specialized Secondary Schools of Mathematics, Science and Technology (NCSSS), and has many unique offerings with high level math, science, technology, research and computer courses.  Participation in national academic competitions such as Siemens Competition in Math, Science, and Technology, Intel Science Search, American Mathematics Association Competition, Chemistry Olympiad and the Physics Olympiad are annual events for OSSM students.


OSSM is well-known for its rigorous, college-level academic curriculum.  OSSM has the highest ACT score (33/36) among the Country. More than 70 percent of the faculty hold a Ph.D. in their fields of study and many of them graduated from Harvard, Yale, Princeton, MIT, Columbia, Stanford. Many graduates from OSSM went to Ivy League schools. In addition to taking advanced courses, OSSM offers International students a relaxed yet challenging atmosphere for a fantastic STEM Classes for junior and senior students are held in the Manning Academic Center.  



Oklahoma School of Science and Mathematics is located on a beautiful, 32-acre, secure, gated campus in the heart of Oklahoma City.  OSSM is within walking distance of the Oklahoma Health Center, the renowned medical research and teaching institute, and just minutes from Bricktown and Oklahoma Thunder Basketball, as well as numerous museums and cultural attractions.   Students live in the Dan Little Residence Hall which has more than 62,000 feet of living space for students and faculty families. A fully-equipped gymnasium, the Samson Science and Discovery Center  houses four physics labs, three chemistry labs, a dark room, four preparation rooms, 16 faculty offices, a demonstration lab, eight individual labs and a computer lab and providing accommodation for students to participate in ongoing research and hands-on learning.  The OSSM Gymnasium provides equipment for weight training and exercise and also houses volleyball and basketball courts, a weight room, dance/aerobic areas, locker rooms and showers.  The Sen. Bernice Shedrick Library is the focal point of the OSSM campus and the first building that visitors see when they enter the main gate.  Students use the library as a quiet and visually inviting atmosphere in which to study. Upon arrival on OSSM’s campus, students will learn college preparation and SAT/ACT skills from professors. 

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